Editorial: Wonder Woman tweaks costume

In our last article about the Amazon from Themiscyra, we showed you guys Wonder Woman in her new costume. But thanks to fans clamoring on social media, the producers made the costume easier on the eyes. Instead of wearing awful electric blue spandex and the blue high-heeled boots, Wonder Woman (played by Friday Night Lights’ Adrianne Palicki) now sports the classic blue with gold star trousers and red and gold boots. Now, us men, we don’t know how hard it is to wear heels, but we know you can’t chase and beat up bad guys well in them.

Here’s a photo of the original new costume side by side the revamped new costume:

On the left: The first version of the new costume. Right: Revamped version.

I’m still bummed that the rest of her outfit still has that cheap mall-bought costume look. The bracers and tiara still look as plastic as ever, but hey, at least her pants won’t steal the show anymore. :D

To see Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman run down the streets, check the link below (She’s tall and she runs fast!):


  1. Hoy Colin, musta? Hopefully this series get better. People who have seen the test screenings of the pilot episode have said that it’s ok. Oh, and the show will feature a 2nd costume that’s much closer to the classic “bikini” type Wonder Woman costume. They even say that by the end of the pilot episode, she’s already wearing the “bikini” type costume. :)

    1. Lolz! Cool we’ll have something to look forward too, then. :D Hopefully the series doesn’t drag as much as Smallville. Although, to be honest, I really am hoping/wanting a Wonder Woman movie–just to complete the Justice League characters (and a Flash afterwards).

      Talks are already in progress for a JLA movie (in response to Marvel’s Avengers).

      Hehehe. thanks for the heads up Fort! ^_^

      1. I got bored watching Smallville as early as the 2nd season. I just want to watch the Finale to see him wear the red and blue tights. As for Justice League, I hope they do end up completing the lineup in order to have a JL movie. Unlike Marvel, it’s harder to tie-in the DC Comics films to each other.

        Cool tong unbox niyo ah! Made me stop working for a bit to read. haha
        Basta DC Comics news and rumors, i’ll try to update you guys. I work for the licensing agent of Warner Bros. & DC Comics so sometimes I get updates from them directly. :D

        1. Hahahah! Thanks Fort! Spread the site around pa! ^_^
          And yes, if you get exclusive updates that you can share with us, we’d greatly appreciate it! ^_^

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