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Elliot Audio Active Review: Bang For Your Buck Wireless Headphones



Two weeks ago, we gave you a video on some of the best deals you can find on Kimstore for less than Php 1000. One of the items on that list were the wireless bluetooth headphones from Elliot Audio, simply dubbed — Active. Priced at Php 850, do they make the perfect companion for Project: Balik Alindog after the impending weight gain from this year’s holiday season? Let’s find out in this review.

What’s in the Box?

  • Elliot Audio Active Headphones
  • 2 Sets of Silicon Earbud Tips
  • 2 Sets of Ear Fin Tips
  • Charging Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Manual


Easy Peasy Setup

Before we get to the sound quality, let’s talk about how easy these pair of headphones are to paid to your smartphone. All you have to do is hit the play/power button to make sure the device is on then press and hold it for a couple of seconds to make the indicator lights on the unit start flash blue and red to know its ready for pairing. All that’s left to do is select it on your smartphone — It should come under the name EA Active and that’s pretty much it. You’re pretty read to play songs off your phone or via Spotify for that run or getting them gains at the gym. Easy peasy.


Budget Headphones that Favor the Lows

One thing about in-ear headphones is that they require a snug fit, not only to actually keep them inside your ear canals, but to bring out the best in its sound quality as well. As you may have seen above, the Elliot Audio Active headphones come with two extra sets of tips in different sizes, so make sure you choose the one that best fits you. Sadly, the fins that anchor the Active to your ear when you run only comes in one size, so if doesn’t fit… You’re kinda SOL in that department. They are quite bendy so maybe you can manipulate them into staying put.


As far as the audio quality goes, the Elliot Audio Active’s tend to favor the lows; meaning it’ll be perfect if you’re into tunes with thumpin’ bass beats while you go about working out. The highs tend to get a little tinny, so we wouldn’t recommending exceeding 75 percent of the volume to avoid cringing at really high pitched notes in your tunes. Clarity isn’t the best, but it is better than most earphones bundled with mid-tier smartphones; definitely serviceable, given its price. You can also take calls with the Elliot Audio Active’s but, again, don’t expect top-notch voice quality.

It also comes to no surprise that since these wireless headphones are geared towards those looking to be untethered to their devices while working out that they are sweat proof plus water and dust resistant as well. We’ve definitely put it to the test given how much we sweat and every is A-OK in the two weeks we’ve been taking it to the gym. The Elliot Audio Active also has a magnetic housing so after sweating it out in the gym, you can link both earpieces together and wear it around your neck as you cool down before taking a shower.

As for its battery life, on the box its advertised playback time is 4 to 5 hours but we saw more 3 to 4 hours, which isn’t all that bad either considering the build of the Elliot Audio Active. Charging these headphones took about an hour/hour and a half when it gave us an indication that it was running low, so the advertised charging time of 2 hours isn’t that far off.


Verdict: Value for Money Wireless Headphones

As our Editor-In-Chief mentioned in his video. you definitely won’t be getting the same audio quality of a Jaybird X2 or the ones from Sony that we’ll also be writing about in a few days, but you won’t be leaving much of a dent on your bank account either; as a point of reference, the Jaybird X2’s cost Php 8,950.  As mentioned above, the Elliot Audio Active only costs Php 850 and — at that price — we definitely think its worth it if you’re on a budget and looking for a decent pair of wireless headphones. You can grab the Elliot Audio Active Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones at Kimstore, along with the other four gadgets we shared in our article about 5 Awesome Gadgets Under Php1,000.

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Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.


  1. Pls write an article about top 10 budget friendly bluetooth earbuds available in ph right now, and also top 10 premium bluetooth earphones. Tnx

  2. Thanks for the review. Though I have a few questons.

    How big is the volume control? Similar to Apple’s earpods or bigger? Is it too heavy? Does it make one side heavier than the other?

    Do the lights stop blinking after pairing? ‘Coz I bought one from Lazada and they persistently blink even after pairing. Which is annoying and awkward to use outside

    Hoping for answers. Thanks!

    1. Hey Wilson!

      The volume control is 52mm in length and just shy of 8mm wide. Definitely bigger than those found on Apple earpods.
      It’s not too heavy and it doesn’t feel like one side is heavier than the other.
      The lights do stop blinking when the device is paired.

      Thanks for your questions.

  3. Add a hundred+ and you can get Awei880BL. I got my Awei 880BL from lazada for only P982. Discounted na from its original price at P1,200. Ganda pa ng packaging, hindi tinipid at mukhang mamahalin. Best of all, sound is superb. It has a rich bass and treble, comparable to my promate headset that I bought for 4k+.

  4. I bought this headphones a few weeks back, and has been my daily driver. Pero kanina, pagdating ko sa office, ayaw na nyang mag-charge. Quite short-lived.

    1. Dead na po ba talaga? Kasi 2x na nangyari sa akin, with 2 separate Active 2 (first one kasi napasama sa washing machine kaya bumili ko ng bago. hehe…). Kapag inuna ko i-off ang bluetooth ng phone ko before ko i-off is Active 2, namamatay (or baka nagha-hang) si Active 2. Kahit i-charge ko sya, walang light indicator talaga. Pero after about 6-8 hours, susubukan ko ulit sya i-charge, mag-ok na, back to normal na ulit. So, I was thinking na baka naha-hung lang ang system nya kapag biglang nawala ang ka-pair nya tapos na-press mo ang power button nya. Might be a common issue sa mga Active 2, which is disappointing.

      1. Kagabi ko lang ginamit yung Active 2 ko and bigla nalang siyang namatay even though nakabukas pa yung bluetooth ng phone ko. Pero kahit patay na siya, connected pa rin siya sa phone ko tapos pinatay ko na lang yung bluetooth ko. Tapos triny kong buksan earphone ko ayaw na, so akala ko lowbatt lang. Then this morning, it won’t charge na. And wala na ring light indicator. Dapat ko lang ba siyang icharge ng matagal or kelangan ko pa maghintay ulit ng another 6-8hours para maging okay na siya?

  5. Anyone experiencing this ISSUE on Active 2: (experienced it in 2 separate active 2)
    – When paired to a phone, then you turn off the bluetooth of the phone first, then tried to turn off Active 2 as well by long pressing the power button, the blue light will show for a little while and then nothing. Light indicator will not show anything anymore no matter what you do: quick press, long press, pressing any button, and even when you plug it for charging, the light indicator just stays off. Not sure if it is still on or off. You’ll have to wait for about 6-8 hours, and after that long, when you plug it for charging, it will be working as normal again. Seems like Active 2 freezes when the bluetooth of the phone is turned off before it. Anyone experiencing this?

    1. hello ruel. I experienced it now. have you resolved this one? can I ask how did you do it? thanks.

  6. ako kabibili ko lang about 3weeks i guess ?? nalobat sya tapos pag charge ko 5hours na sya nakasaksak red padin yung ilaw ..

  7. Hi guys, just got mine yesterday and I’m unable to play/pause the music using the play/pause button on the headphone. Does anyone knows how to use this feature? thanks!

  8. for previously paired devices, wala ng problema bec as soon as you turn on the device and the earphones, paired agad in a second. pero for most devices, mahirap magpair for the first time

    1. 1 downside is pag nakalimutan mong i turn off ang earphones (ex. nakatulugan mo) the next time na gusto mo syang gamitin, low batt na so di mo sya magagamit agad hahahaha sana merong feature na pag for a certain period of time na walang nakaconnect na device ay kusa mag turn off hehehehe

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