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Acer and TNC Open Largest Cyber Cafe in Cebu

It is also the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia

TNC continues to grow its line of cyber cafes in the Philippines by opening its biggest cyber café in Cebu. Located at Colon, Cebu City, the three-floor cyber cafe is home to a total of 408 Acer Predator gaming desktops. These comprise of 108 Orion 5000 gaming rigs for the VIP/Predator floor and 300 Orion 3000 gaming rigs for the other two floors.

The all-Predator setup of TNC’s Cebu headquarters is part of a renewed three-year partnership with Acer, where the latter will be providing for all gaming hardware in TNC’s future gaming cafes.

“We hope that with this facility, we can encourage Cebuanos to dive in more to eSports and hopefully develop more world-class talents,” TNC Founder and CEO Eric Redulfin said.

Currently, there are over a hundred TNC cyber cafes in the Philippines equipped with Predator gaming laptops and PCs, and both Acer and TNC expect to open more cyber cafes to tap potential talents.

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