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Sand, Sea and Tech. Epson Philippines Re-affirms their focus on Innovations

During the annual Media thanksgiving of Epson (aptly entitled Fusion), this year held in Apulit, El Nido, the printing and imaging giant re-affirms their focus in innovations as they map their 2017 efforts and align it with their 2025 vision.


According to their presentation in the island, Epson’s Vision Statement 2025 is the next phase of development for the company worldwide, with Epson companies all over the world working to expand the scope of its efficient, compact and precision technologies to help free people from repetitive manual work and from unnecessary waste of time and effort.

For 2017, however, the task of Epson is to keep the ball rolling in strengthening their focus on their vast products ranging from printing to digital wearables and opening more and more opportunities and avenues for innovation to occur. Take for example the improved large-format textile printers that enables a fashion designer the freedom in creativity which enables his vision to truly come alive. John Herrera is one such prolific fashion designer that benefited from this technology.

Herrara’s work was an instant hit at London where he bagged Britain’s Top Designer Award and he credits Epson’s innovative textile printing to ensure that his vision comes to fruition. The judges commented heavily on the design, cut and particularly the print. One judge exclaimed “The print, it’s almost 3D!” which is a true testament to Epson SureColor SC-F670’s dye-sublimation technology.

Their other large-format printer (Epson SC-S80600) can also do car wraps for brands and auto enthusiasts.

Bringing things smaller, Epson’s small printer technology has been making headway for the past few years as they deliver quick receipt printing for a variety of POS (Point of Sales) machines. In fact, Epson has been the number 1 POS Receipt Printer for 7 years running. An innovation that they recently implemented is the use of wireless receipt printers that’s widely used by Globe Telecom’s Gen3 stores nationwide.

For the household & business, Epson has been making headway with their printers. During the press presentation at Apulit, Epson revealed that they now cornered 51% of inkjet printers –meaning every 1 out 2 printers sold last year were Epson printers. The Professional Printers category continues to dominate and reported a 41% market share.

Travel Life’s Kevin Lapena trying out the Moverio BT-300

But what caught our attention was their wearables solution where Epson showcased the latest iteration of Moverio, Epson’s hololens-type/ Google glass hardware. The form factor is quite sleek and it’s less bulky than some of the older-gen offerings. It’s no Google glass, but the form factor does come close. Whereas Google glass has the screen projected on one lens, Moverio projects on both which makes it easier on the eyes. It also uses a Si-OLED (Silicon-based OLED) technology for higher contrast and better viewing resolution.

We tested the Moverio BT-300 on the DJI Phantom and it’s pretty wild to say the least. The Moverio frees you from looking down at the screen then back up at the drone then back at the screen again. There are other applications that can sync up with the Moverio as well and you control it via a small tactile remote. We’ll try to see if we can get a review copy soon. 🙂

“2017 is truly vital for the company as we continue to focus on making lives simpler and tasks easier with our innovations. These are what make Epson a trusted brand in many parts of the world”, concludes Mr. Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director and President, Epson Philippines and Country Manager, Epson Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We at Unbox will be waiting with bated breath for more innovative Epson products to flood the market soon! Cheers to you guys for 75 years of product pioneering and innovation!

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