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This Facility is a Haven for Your Business Operations When Disaster Strikes

The whole facility can withstand an intensity 8 earthquake

Worried about your business going into shambles should the Big One strike the Philippines? ePLDT wants to make sure you can continue some of your operations with the launch of its VITRO Disaster Recovery (DR) facility in the Philippines.

Spanning almost 7000 square meters, the Clark VITRO DR facility is the biggest in the Philippines, and is located within several business and transit hubs that include Clark Special Economic Zone, Clark Freeport Zone, and Clark International Airport. The complex is well-equipped with data backup and recovery equipment, along with alternative office spaces that has space for 246 seats upon launch.

Only a portion of the DR Facility was revealed to us during the launch last November 6, and ePLDT expects to expand the complex to accommodate over 2,300 seats. Geared towards disaster recovery, the Clark VITRO DR Facility is seismic zone 4-compliant, meaning the whole complex can withstand earthquakes as strong as intensity 8.

Other features of the DR facility include an N+1 Genset Configuration for continuous operations in an event of a power failure and 24/7 security and customer support.

“We have always believed that our business goes beyond ICT and digital services. We’re providing our customers with solutions that will improve their operations and in turn, allow them to better serve their customers and our society as a whole,” ePLDT Chairman Al Panlilio said.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Partners with PLDT and Smart

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Partners with PLDT and Smart

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Partners with PLDT and Smart


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