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Facebook is Developing Brain and Skin-Powered Technologies

Typing with your brain and hearing with your skin

At Facebook’s F8, the social media giant’s annual two-day dev conference, Regina Dugan, VP of Engineering and Building 8, unveiled that they were working on brain and skin-powered technologies.

“So what if you could type directly from your brain?” Facebook is apparently working on a system that will let people type with their noggins. Using the “power of the mind”, Facebook aims to create a silent speech system capable of typing “100 words per minute straight from your brain”, which is about five times faster than the average smartphone typing.

Regina Dugan, at the Facebook F8 conference

How Facebook plans to go about this, according to Dugan, is through the decoding of a person’s thoughts – specifically the ones they’ve decided to share by sending them to the brain’s speech center. The social media titan plans to implement this technology through the use of non-invasive, wearable sensors that can be easily manufactured for widespread use.

As for skin-hearing technology, Dugan remarked that the human body has around two square meters of skin filled with sensors that connect directly to the brain. Facebook is looking to harness the skin’s neural network as a means for language delivery.

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