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Facebook Launches Standalone Events App


Plan a Weekend Getaway or Check out Nearby Events

Facebook has a number of apps under its belt based on features available on the site. Seeing as the popular social media platform has reported its user base to include 1.71 Billion users as of the second quarter of this year, it’s no surprise that they unveiled this standalone app, Events. Events is meant to help plan for that weekend getaway or check out what’s happening around the Metro if you don’t have any concrete plans and feel like winging it. At its core, Events is a calendar app that collates all the special occasions that you may or may not have said you were going to and shows you other events you may be interested in based on your location, the events other friends may be going to, the interest you’ve listed down on your profile, and the pages you may follow.


Let’s face it. Winging weekend plans can sometimes turn out to be the best thing ever or you could end up getting stuck in traffic. If you want to check out what’s happening nearby, the search function not only lets you see what happening around you, but has a map to show where they’re actually happening so you can plan your route accordingly or weigh out if its worth trudging through the traffic for a specific event. You can learn more about Events from Facebook by checking the video down below.

Events from Facebook is only available in the US (for now, at least) and is limited to iOS device users at the moment, but should be rolling out to Android devices very soon. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for the app’s global release.

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