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Free Facebook Is Making People Lazier


Everybody wants to be spoonfed information now

Free Facebook sucks. What started as an initiative to allow people to be able to talk and connect to each other even without an active data connection has now transformed into the refuge of the lazy.

For people who don’t know, both telcos in the Philippines allow users to enjoy free Facebook access, albeit with limitations. You can still see your newsfeed and the status updates of friends and family, but you can’t see any photos that they upload. On that same vein, you can also see page stories and links to articles, but you can’t read them at all since this requires that you have an active data connection.

It’s become common practice now for people on free Facebook to ask for an article from a website to be copied and pasted on the comments section so they can read it. That’s problematic, for a few reasons: one, it denies the website (in our case, Unbox) the traffic that would be generated by people going to the actual link, and steals views away from the content provider since other people can now see the story in its entirety. Most websites aren’t charity cases – we provide you content that you want, while you give us something for all the trouble we go into to give you guys that content. Only fair, right?

Free Facebook is also probably one of the biggest contributors to fake news and fake news sites propagating. Since people on free Facebook can only see the title plus the short blurb on the bottom, they share it to their feed since they don’t have the means to check if the story is true or not.

How I wish this were true.

That’s not the only thing I hate with free Facebook. The biggest gripe I have with it is that it empowers laziness, especially in Facebook groups that have replaced traditional internet forums. Here’s the rub: virtually everybody can join and post in Facebook forums now, but not everybody can Google an answer to a particular question. So instead of someone taking the time to see what phones have Super AMOLED displays, for example, many people just ask it in the Facebook group of their choice.

And honestly it empowers laziness. Gone are the days when people open Google first and try to do research there before asking people a question. Many people now when they join a group page don’t bother to read the rules or even search the group if their questions have already been answered – many expect to be spoonfed information that’s either been presented earlier, or can easily been searched and answered via Google. It’s the type of thing I’ve been seeing a lot on many of the groups that I manage, across all interests, from gadgets, to toys to airsoft – people are either too lazy or unwilling to put in the work or the load to Google answers to things. It’s absolutely unfathomable to me how, in an age where information is quite literally in the palms of everybody’s hands, people have become too lazy to find things out for themselves.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Even without free facebook, people now a days are lazy and stupid. Instead of googling stuff they tend to ask people in facebook. Worst is when they are not attended to they tend to spam. Even if they had free facebook, they could browse to the page of the check there.

    Gone were the days when people use the glossary or the index of the book or encyclopedia.

    1. Very true. I look back to days when only those quite well off can afford encyclopedias and the rest (me included) had to run to libraries to get the required info. No cut and paste either – we had to read, understand and write it down in our notebooks.

      Loved those days.

  2. Its annyoing to see air heads on FB asking simple n silly questions when they can google the answer. Since you have to be on a device that obviously has access to the internet and with all the resources in there you have to be so lazy to ask stupid simple questions. Id understand if u have to commute to the library but no, google even has voice search for those who are to lazy to type n spell words.

  3. what’s problem guys?. Alam ko may mga facebook kayo… kung may galit kayu sa fb ed wag na kau mag fb deactive nyu ung fb nyo!! dami nyung arte isa rin naman kau sa mga tamad na tao!!..
    Pak Ganern!
    Bilzy sombilon!

    1. The title specified the problem, which the article elaborated. Mukhang gets mo naman kaya ewan anong iyong reklamo talaga.

      Mukha rin may problema ka sa ilang tao rito na mukhang walang ginawa masama sa iyo.

  4. Not only does it make people lazier, it also makes them dumber. They easily believed fake news, fake stories, historical revisionism, memes, etc without ever researching from credible sources. This is how this vice presidential candidate, who faked his educational background, almost won and earned the support of unsuspecting people.

  5. But isnt that the main reason of technological advancement? To make people do less… Even before there are already people that are very lazy. Its only now you notice alot of them because of internet makes them connected to you.

    1. More like to make things easier particularly for the less privileged (or able). Yun lang, this free fb thing has…unintended consequences.

      Free FB’s likely here to stay so everyone will have to deal with it somehow.

  6. The worst are those who leave nasty comments without even reading the whole article. Ugh. People should try being informed instead of just opinionated.

  7. FB. Where fake news, memes, and all kinds of misinformation sprouting like a contagious disease. Major reason why the current President got elected Lol!

    1. also the place where the paid supporters of the “other” candidate who lost now post misinformation to try and stir unrest against the government..too bad people can see thru it though.

    2. This butthurt a**hole is an example of why the Philippines will remain a pile of shit. Stick to the topic dude…damn yellowtards!

      1. The topic is about the abundance of misinformation in FB which truth to be told were/are done by the people in red. That my friend is the reality. And damn $tupid people calling yellowtards because they don’t worship your false God.

        1. ‘Laziness’ ang topic dude. Stick to it. And yeah, that is a common reasoning also of butthurts like you to deny that you’re not a yellowshit. Also, we’re not friends ulol. Hehe

        2. Talagang pilit mo pang idinadawit ang Pangulo dito sa tech blogsite ano Ms Agot? Kung di mo gusto ang Pangulo alis ka na lang ng Pinas. Kung wala ka kakakayahang mangibang lugar at di mo rin naman kayang patalsikin ang Pangulo, shut up ka na lang. Akala mo naman marami ka nang nagawa para sa Pilipinas, puro ka naman reklamo.

  8. tech (phones and gadgets) groups are the worst. if you wanna see stupidity, go browse those groups.

    Airsoft groups are better. Members are more civilized and hate comments are rare.

  9. my main gripe with free fb is that it is against net neutrality and by using it, we are enabling network providers and facebook to promote such unequal practice more

  10. Forget FB. That’s generally for folks who can’t afford to do anything else. What I miss are the days when motorcycles were too expensive for the masses. Those were good times.

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