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Freelancer’s Bill Filed In Senate


What Does it Mean for Pinoy Freelancers?

Senator Bam Aquino knows how difficult life can be for freelance workers, who more often than not get the short end of the stick when it comes to collection. Without the resources of a traditional company backing them, collecting payment from unscrupulous clients becomes and almost impossible task.

Bam’s Senate Bill number 351 would penalize employers up to Php 250,000 if they fail to pay freelancers for services rendered. Freelancers can file their complaints before the Department of Labor and Employment.

“Further civil penalties will also be imposed for every day that the employer refuses to compensate the freelancer. The aggrieved party has the option of filing a civil case against his or her employer,” the bill says.

Aside from allowing them to go after non-paying employers, the bill will also facilitate the tax registration of freelancers and exept them from payments for the first three years.

“Let us waste no time in ensuring that they are not inconvenienced by red tape and that they are protected from difficult, even fraudulent clients,” – Sen. Bam Aquino

No matter what you think of his party affiliation, Bam Aquino has consistently been one of the technocrats in the Senate. He previously introduced Senate Bill 3208, which looks to increase fines for erring telcos, and has gone to bat for startups, supporting the cause of Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) like Uber and Grab in helping decongest Manila traffic. He’s also a big fan and advocate of eSports as well. 

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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