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Freenet Pokemon Go Lure Caravan Kicks Off at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Unbox 95 - freenet Lure Caravan You may have seen a job posting circulating social media this past weekend looking for Lure Managers. It was later confirmed by news sources that it was someone from Freenet, an arm of Voyager Innovations, that was on the hunt for the precious few that could fill the position that was later revealed to be for the Freenet Lure Caravan they were kicking off very soon.

Meet the Lure Managers: Glitter, Jill, and Vin

Today, Freenet and Voyager began their Lure Caravan at the Quezon Memorial Circle; deploying the three Lure Managers they deemed worthy of the task to drop lures in PokeStop clusters in the popular haunt frequented by families, and, now, Pokemon trainers because of the some 30 PokeStops within the area. These Lure Managers beat out an initial 600 applicants for the post to help their fellow trainers be the very best by dropping Lures in their assigned areas from 10AM to 8PM; loads of time for you to try and catch ’em all. If you want to know where the next stop is for the next Lure Caravan, you’ll have to download the Freenet app on the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store where they will be announcing where you could possibly get a little closer to catching them all.

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