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Froelich Tours P2P Get BEEP Card Payment Option


Modern public transport system!

Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia. What do these countries have in common aside from a booming economy and a mass transport system that actually works? A unified payment card for said awesome transport system. While we’re still working on fixing our ailing public transport system, we’re taking small baby steps into unifying the payment system used on the MRT and the LRT through BEEP.

Beep Froelich

A small, but important step is integrating that same payment system in buses, which has been spearheaded by our favorite bus company, Freolich Tours, and their P2P Buses that operate from SM North Edsa – Glorietta 5, Trinoma- Glorietta 5, and SM Megamall – Glorietta 5.

Froelich will implement the BEEP automated payment system in six buses for now, and will be beta tested for a week starting on April 25. There will be reloading stations on their terminals, and single journey tickets will still be available if needed. The full automated fare station will be deployed on May 1 on selected units.

You can read our awesome bus ride with Froelich Tours’ P2P bus here.


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