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Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Unveiled Late August, With First Releases Dropping In September

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There’s already been rumors about the specs of the Galaxy Note 8, but if you’ve been waiting for a definite timeline when the phone will arrive, you’ve come to the right place. No other than Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh has revealed that they are planning to announce the Galaxy Note 8 at the end of August. This means that Samsung is looking to drop deets on their new flagship before IFA, which is the expected jump-off point of many of their competitors’ flagship offerings.

Koh’s statements mesh with the oft repeated August 23 date that’s pegged to be the official announcement for the Galaxy Note 8. As with their other releases, Samsung will be releasing the Note 8 in two waves – the first wave will certainly include countries like the United States, UK and South Korea and will happen in September, with the rest of the world following after.

Samsung has a vested interest in releasing the Galaxy Note 8 ahead of everyone else in IFA – with an earlier release date, Samsung can dominate the conversation even before IFA starts, and they get a headstart over the Apple’s release of their next iPhone model.


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