Gatchalian Pushes for “No Parking Space, No Car” Act

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Here’s some more good (or bad) news, motorists, and commuters alike. Senator Win Gatchalian is pushing his senate colleagues to implement his “no parking space, no car” policy to improve the worsening transportation crisis in the metropolis.

Gatchalian’s Senate Bill No. 201, entitled the “Proof-of-Parking Space Act”, aims to alleviate some of the traffic woes of Metro Manila by clearing roads of improperly parked vehicles.

Under Senate Bill 201, individuals and businesses based in Metro Manila would only be allowed to purchase vehicles after the execution of an affidavit confirming that they have acquired, either through purchase or lease, a parking space for the vehicle being purchased.

“The transportation situation in Metro Manila has hit an all-time low. Around-the-clock traffic jams are causing significant economic losses and have had a grave impact on the quality of life of NCR residents. We need to take decisive action to clear the roads of improperly parked cars,” said Gatchalian on Thursday.

“If passed into law, the Proof-of-Parking Space Act would play a critical role in the Duterte administration’s push to solve the transportation crisis. This law will help bring discipline back to our streets, for the benefit of vehicle owners and the commuting public,” said Gatchalian, the freshman senator from Valenzuela City.

The bill also orders the LTO, MMDA, and local government units to conduct frequent, ocular inspections of the thoroughfares under their jurisdiction to remove illegally parked vehicles and punish law offenders.

Source: Senate.gov

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  1. madali lang yan. rent ka ng bahay na may parking space tapos kuha ka ng parking space. kapag narehistro na yung sasakyan, pwede na lumipat sa walang parking space. jk.

    1. haha comedy ka bro, antagal na may motoring at local news ang unbox – bago ka pa bumaba galing sa Mt. Pinatubo, hahaha!!!

      ‘lamat bro, made my day

  2. The party with the most obligation with this bill should be on the CAR DEALERS, brand new and not, not the buyers. Car dealers should STRICTLY, cooperate and refuse to sell if the “proof of parking,” whatever it is, is not provided. But of course, their sales will be take a hit, so… (you know what will probably happen). I bet dealers and/or buyers will find a way to get around this requirement. We’ll see what the LTO, DoT, etc wil do.

    Another thing to look for are the jeepney operators who owned multiple units but don’t have enough real estate to properly park all of it. What happen often is they just let their respective drivers (who obviously don’t have parking on their own) to take the jeep and park wherever they can (side roads).

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