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Gigabit Internet: Should You Get A New Internet Plan Now?

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Wait, or go?

After wallowing in slow internet plans the past decade, there’s suddenly an influx of fast, gigabit plans from both Globe and PLDT. PLDT Fibr has announced that they’re coming up with their 1Gbps plan, while Globe has also announced faster speeds for their internet WITHOUT a data cap, with prices starting at 2499. PLDT’s Lite Plan is also pretty enticing, promising speeds of up to 20Mbps but with a data cap, but it’s pretty generous as data caps go, at 80GB, for Php 1899.

Both internet plans are very, very enticing, and for many people who have had DSL connections for a long time, they may be just what the doctor ordered to cure the agonizingly slow internet issues of the PH that we’ve been experiencing since forever.

The big question is should you get a new internet plan now? Our take on it is: no, not yet, unless you absolutely need a new internet connection. There’s a reason why both companies have released new plans, and that’s impending competition – Telstra is coming to town next year. It’s one of the biggest telcos in the world and is partnering with San Miguel Corp to deliver mobile broadband to the PH. They’re a real threat – so much so that both PLDT and Globe have decided to take pre-emptive action even before the company lands here. Our point is that if both companies are already offering newer, faster internet even before the third player arrives, just imagine what kind of plans they’ll be releasing to try and entice customers when Telstra’s actually here and doing business. That’s something you can’t do when you’re already tied into a plan that has a 30-month lock-in.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. With Telstra on its way siguro naman titigil na sa pagnanakaw ng load ang Smart. They’ve been doing that since 2001! Maybe earlier.

  2. Kalungkot lang kasi hindi sila (Telstra) mag-ooffer ng unlimited packages. Pero I hope pa din na mag-ooffer sila ng unlimited packages. *cross finger*

  3. nope they won’t have unli but instead, you won’t get throttled by speed, you can have as much mbps you can depending on the network, the only thing will stop you is the data bandwidth that you need to budget.. in short not for download huggers

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