Globe Acknowledges “Wrong Send” Blunder Involving One of its Promos

Around 8,851 subscribers are affected

Committing a wrong send is pretty much common for the casual user. However, if it involves sending personal data to the wrong recipients, that’s a different story—which is what happened to Globe with its recent blunder.

According to a report by BestVPN, the blunder involved Globe sending personal data to the wrong recipient. The data that was accidentally sent included the registrant’s names, postal address, and email addresses. According to a Tweet dated January 26, the blunder stemmed down from Globe’s pre-registration for The List, where the telecom company is raffling off concert tickets to K-pop band BlackPink.

Four days after the discovery of the error, Globe acknowledged their mistake, stating that “it was just a case of sending the data registration confirmation receipt to the wrong individual and was not sent en masse or as a group of data.” It also emphasized that the error affected only Prepaid subscribers who have registered to the On The List program. Globe estimates that around 8,851 subscribers were affected.

As of this writing, Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio said that they have taken down the On The List registration site. You can read Globe’s statement on the incident below:

Posted by GlobeICON on Monday, January 28, 2019


Privacy Commissioner Raymund Liboro also issued a statement, saying that the National Privacy Commission is currently “evaluating the incident and verifying the information given to us, following our standard procedure.”


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