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Google Announces Allo, A Smart Messaging App

Allo 2

It’s almost scary how it understands context

Google’s really putting its new Assistant app to work, as it has announced a new messaging app, dubbed Allo. The app has all the tricks that most modern chat applications have like sticker and emotes, but it’s more than just a me too messaging app.


For starters, Allo utilizes the same natural language processing that Google Assistant has. Because of that, Allo is capable of recognizing the context of a conversation. For example, if the person you’re talking to posts a picture of a dog, Allo is smart enough to suggest quick replies based on the photo. On the demo during Google I/O, Allo managed to give natural responses to a photo of a dog, and even managed to correctly identify the breed based on the photo alone. It’s able to recognize food as well, and we’re pretty sure that it’ll be able to identify lots more as time goes on.


If that wasn’t enough, Allo is also able to use Google Assistant to perform actions like reserving seats at a restaurant or grab tickets to a movie without having to exit Allo. You’re also able to use Allo to make queries to Google via natural language – which really shows off the capabilities of Google Assistant.

Allo is heading to both Android and iOS this summer.

John Nieves

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  1. it’s smart, but boring and insincere. it would be better if it would only provide information, not reply suggestions. for ex, the sender of the picture would actually notice that you used a suggested reply as a reaction, that doesnt sound sincere for that sender at all.

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