Google Shares its Vision for the Futuristic Mountain View Campus

Google recently submitted an updated proposal to City of Mountain View containing its latest vision since it swapped areas with LinkedIn last year. The huge canopy in the computer render shown above will be located outside the Googleplex and is said to be able to regulate climate, sound and air quality. How cool is that?

The good news is that the company also revealed that they want the campus to be a “destination for the local community.” It will have lots of green spaces that are not just open to employees but to the public as well. They are planning to build small parks and have food stalls in the area to encourage people to visit. To make sure that Googlers will still be able to focus on work, the employee office will be located on the new building’s second floor.

Of course, the proposal still has to be approved by the Mountain View authorities before construction can begin. Once approved, the new campus is expected to be complete within 2 ½ years.




Lea Cruz

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