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Google Still Wants To Work With Huawei, Has Applied For License

The possibility is still there

Huawei’s woes with the US government has prevented it from launching its newest flagships with essential Google Mobile Services, including access to the Play Store. Huawei has worked around this issue with its own HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) and AppGallery, and in the meantime it looks like the Chinese company is coping with the US ban.

Despite all of the controversy surrounding the US Government’s decision, Google still wants to work with the manufacturer and has reportedly requested permission from the US government to do so.

Firms that want to work with companies that are on the US government’s Entity List are required to get export licenses from the US Department of Commerce first.

Google being granted an export license isn’t entirely out of the question – Microsoft applied for and got one back in November, which has allowed Huawei to release new notebooks with Windows 10 pre-installed in them.

If and when Google’s export license is granted, Huawei says it can very simply push Google Mobile Services to devices like the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro via a simple OTA update.


John Nieves

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