Google Trips: the App that will Change the Way You Travel


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More and more people seem to be traveling these days thanks to insanely affordable flight rates and the popularity of promo fares. While guided tours are still available, people who consider themselves to be travelers and not tourists, prefer to go out and explore on their own. While this can be fun, those who have experienced traveling sans a travel guide know that preparing an itinerary can be really taxing and there is a really good chance of getting lost once you get to your destination.


The great news is Google announced that their travel app, Google Trips, is now available for download on Android and IOS. This free app will definitely change every modern traveler’s life.


Google Trips gathers all pertinent travel information such as reservations and confirmation numbers be it from your hotel, AirBnB, airline and car rentals. No extra work is needed from your end as it will automatically get the information from your Gmail inbox. This feature is particularly helpful for long-term travel when you are moving from country to country and city to city.


The app can also serve as your travel guide. Whether you have an entire week or just half a day for sightseeing, Google Trips can suggest things for you to see and do based on the time you have. You can customize the itinerary to your liking by tapping the “magic wand” so you know the nearby sights that you may want to check out. It has an editorial guide of over 200 cities and makes personalized recommendations based on your Google history.

Since mobile data can be really expensive when traveling, the good news is that Google Trips work offline. Just download everything to your phone such as maps and walking directions and you will surely find your way around.  

Unless privacy is an issue to you, Google Trips is a really great app that will certainly change they way people travel.


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