Gotcha! The Best of 2018’s Tech-Related April Fool’s Jokes

It is that time of the year!

April Fool’s Day is a time where everyone pokes fun at things. In the tech industry, this is the time where brands would use their creativity in coming up with ideas and products that are either made of fake news or are simply impossible to happen. Here are some of our picks:


Razer’s Project Venom

Want to improve your gaming skills? Razer has this special concoction up for grabs to make you the best player in any game. According to Razer, the drink aims to “help you be the living embodiment of ultimate gaming performance”. #SeemsLegit


GeForce’s Academy of Gaming

Not a fan of concoctions? Well, you can learn things the traditional way with GeForce’s Academy of Gaming, where they offer classes for you to dominate other players.

Google’s Where’s Waldo Game

Among the many April Fool’s pranks of Google this year, this one takes the cake. Think Google Maps is boring? Why not turn it into a game and find Waldo around the world—all at your fingertips?

Xiaomi’s “New” Mi A1


Poking fun at Huawei’s triple rear camera-sporting P20 Pro, Xiaomi has a special Mi A1 containing a six rear camera setup to make sure that you get that perfect shot all the time.

T-Mobile’s Sidekicks

Remember the Sidekick phone? T-Mobile decided to resurrect the brand by introducing a unique pair of smart sneakers. They come with a plethora of hilarious features like sole speakers and a slide-out screen. Ain’t that cool?


Roku’s Happy Streaming Socks

Socks that double as your Roku remote? Now that’s the ultimate accessory to being a couch potato at home! Foot-based gestures while wearing these socks are all you need to control your Roku without fumbling for your remote.

Pokemon GO in 8-bit

How about playing Pokemon GO in a “cutting-edge” resolution double of 4K? This new feature claims to make your handheld very lifelike, with ultra-realistic detail from every pixel.


OnePlus’ PeiCoin

Playing around with the number of sketchy cryptocurrencies lately, OnePlus’ CEO Carl Pei decided to join the fray and introduce his own version of cryptocurrency. It’s so simple to use, you just need your OnePlus phone to earn PeiCoins!


Logitech’s Business Speak (BS) Detection software

Tired of boring videoconference meetings? Logitech has engineered a new AI software that helps in determining if your colleague knows what he is talking about. With Business Speak (BS) Detection, meetings will become more productive than ever!


AORUS Lightwing RGB Shoes

Sneakers that are made for gamers? Yes, AORUS has come up with these dope sneakers that have their own RGB lighting in the soles. They come with the best cushioning, along with lights that adjust according to your gaming preferences.


Happy April Fool’s Day guys

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