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GrabCar Drivers Earn As Much As 70K A Month – GrabTaxi


60K for just driving a car around Manila?!

Manila’s traffic-clogged streets and thoroughfares have forced many people to abandon their cars in favor of ride sharing services like GrabTaxi and GrabCar. We’ve used the service before and got to chat at length with a driver/owner. Naturally, we asked him how much he earns, on average, per week driving his car for GrabCar. “Around 12-13K a week, fuel included,” he said, nonchalantly. Obviously, we were very surprised – that amounts to around 48K a month, which is a higher salary than most people who work in offices the entire day.

We thought that was the upper limit of earning money with GrabCar. That’s not true, according to Brian Cu, Managing Director of GrabTaxi here in the Philippines. “Drivers who work full time meets all the incentives can earn up to 60K to 70K a month,” he says, in an interview during their second anniversary celebration earlier today.

Obviously that’s a hard-working driver that does nothing but drive the entire day. But even people looking to soften the blow of the amortization costs of their new vehicles can become a GrabCar peer (or partner) and drive part time. “We also have people who work part-time, people who work 9-6 jobs and drive afterwards, and still get pretty good returns,” he added.

Our video interview with Mr. Cu is above, so take the time to listen and see if becoming a GrabCar driver is for you. It’s a little long, but it’s definitely educational, as he explains the process to become a GrabCar peer, how to earn and how exactly the service works.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. hindi rin. yung kitang 70k pinakamalaki na yan ibig sabihin nakatsamba ng maraming pasahero malamang ang average talaga ay 30k. Pero kung tutuusin pagod yan. Tapos gagastos pa sa maintenance ng taxi. Taxi dapat parang monthly dapat oil change. at yung return of investment matagal din kasi ang kotse 700k cash. so 700k divided by 30k, almost 2 years yan para makabawi o ROI nga. E pano kung hulugan pa e di mas malaki pa sa 700k ang puhunan. tapos after 2 years na halos araw araw ginagamit kahit anong ingat tataas ang maintenance cost nya kung hindi man laspag na yung kotse mo.

    E pano kung minalas katulad ngayon mahina kasi baha at walang pasok? e pano kung nagkasakit e di walang kita. Prone pa sa bangga yan kahit anong inggat mo. either ikaw bumangga o ikaw binangga

    kikita ka sa taxi kung marami kang taxi at least 5 taxis. dapat ikaw mismo ang nagooil change para tipid tapos marunong kang magmekaniko para tipid din.

    1. Tapos huhulihin ka pa ng enforcer kasi lumabag ka sa batas trapiko,
      Tapos makikiusap ka di ka pagbibigyan, kaya hindi ka makakabyahe ng ilang araw,
      Tapos magugutom
      Tapos magkakasakit ka
      Tapos manghihina ka
      Tapos mababaliw ka
      Tapos hindi ka tutulungan ni PNOY
      Tapos magbibigti ka……

      Tang ina ang negative mo…..

          1. Hi mam janis, im mark delmonte. Need q po maging grabcar driver. Formerly jeepney driver for almost 8years. Sariling jeep a po dinadrive q.





      SUBMIT RESUME TO yna.manuel@yahoo.com

      1. Good afternoon po my name is Bernadeth De Oro I am a former driver of consulate for 3 years and I also work as a family driver in Dubai for 2 years and 2 months I also work as UBER driver but my employer is not transfarent with the income thats why I decide to look for another employer my cellphone numbers are 09300943541 and 09286968169 and my email is bdiaz.deoro@yahoo.com.ph,thanks and God bless.

      2. Ther is no truth that you can earn that much as grab driver normally.operator gets 800 php /day even earning gross 4k aday less gasoline 1.4k top up800,food 200,800-1k operator net you get 800-1k /day driving 16hrs aday.what do you think?tried it 5days.only never made.4k sa

  2. Grabcar Philippines
    Grabcar Contacts & Informations
    Posted: 2015-11-14 by Reviewer84885
    Incentive scam
    Complaint Rating: 38 % with 8 votes
    Contact information:
    147 H. V. Dela Costa Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

    Public: Beware of the scam incentive of grabcar/ Grabtaxi inc. We are writing you this letter because we used to work with uber and we received good incentive though it was shallow at this time so we switch to Grabcar Philippines under the umbrella of Grabtaxi Inc based in malaysia. Our point is they promised incentives but they hold and make it appear you violated certain policy but when you verify what the offense are, they will tell you that it is from Singapore and Malaysia who banned them. In this scenerio, no where can you find a way to get all your hard earned incentives by virtue of meeting the quota as per Grabcar policy. Make it short your incentives will be all gone like dust in the wind and worst you are banned. Weare calling the attention of the Chief’s/Heads of NBI, LTFRB and local government to apprehend this modus operandi in metro manila and is now spreading in cities like Baguio, Cebu and many places.

  3. makinig po kayong lahat: One of my drivers told me he accepted one grabpay and we all know that grabpay and promo is another way of stealing our money kasi nga wala kahit kusing makukuha mo in addition of our problem to lowered incentives so I strongly advise my driver “Never Accept” Grabpay at booking na may promo. Here’s the alibi, you can tell the passenger your amount here is 2000k or you may say also that I am here in caloocan or you may say my boy played my gadget and there are many ways to ignor “Grabpay or promo”.. Kung mautak si grab sa pag nanakaw ng mga pera natin dapat din magasing kayo sa katotohanan. Nasa inyo po ang desisyon. God Bless!

    1. gusto ko lang po malaman kung ligal na po ba ang uber at grab car sa atin at hnd na po ba huhulihin at mag pinalty ng 200k pag nahuli bago ako bumili ng sasakyan para naman po may idea din po ako slmat po

  4. Just sharing my frustration. What I wrote to grab.PUBLIC WARNING AGAINST GRABCAR

    Dear Grab Management,

    I am personally blessed to be accepted as one of your peers. When I learned that joining your fleet would somehow help me in terms of finances especially of my family’s, I did exert every effort possible just to apply for car loan to the hope that I can provide better living for my family.
    I unfortunately was not able to get a dip on the first incentives scheme and now, you even lowered the lowered incentives scheme. How would I be able to sustain my monthly amortization for the car loan? Is your lowered incentive scheme has something to do with UBER since they have no incentive at all? And for sure, your next incentives scheme would be lower than what you have previously offered until there would be none at all.How am I supposed to pay for the top-up? For the cost of the cellphone unit you issued? How am I supposed to provide stable income for my driver’s family? Where’s your heart in it? Stop clouding our minds with the holiday rush, of better opportunities for higher income? Metro Manila’s traffic is disaster and would get even worse this holiday season. How are we going to collect at least 8k? Don’t you even know that during APEC, my driver barely got riders? Stop using us just for your own dvantage. You earn a lot from us so you should at least incentivized peers and drivers fairly. Give necessary incentives which will encourage us to work harder.
    I regret now that I applied for car loan.A promise of good living was even ruined by your injustice. Oh well, you don’t understand the feeling of worrying a lot everyday by debts, food for the family, sicked loved ones because in any case, you will earn a lot from hardworking peers and drivers. Whoever is responsible for the worsening incentives scheme, I hope you won’t be on our shoes to worry on such cases. You too have families and I hope none of those won’t happen to you.

    1. I am planning to switch from uber to grabcar. I too loaned a car and with my income on uber, I dont think itll be enough to pay for my family’s daily expenses. Upon reading this, it made me think more than twice. May I know how much is your average income on grabcar per week?

    1. Hi, to those who want to apply as GrabCar drivers, kindly text or call me at 09226864951. I need a driver who can start ASAP. With complete requirements, NBI, POLICE CLEARANCE AND PROF.DRIVER’S LICENSE. Thanks

  5. sa sarili ko pong pananaw bilang may exp na sa pagbyahe ng taxi, malamang po mas ok ang grab or uber, kase ikaw na mismo ang hahanapin ng pasahero, unlike taxi na ikaw ang maghahanap ng pasahero.

  6. Hi everyone. Looking for a GrabCar driver. To advice ahead, someone who already has a professional driver’s license, NBI and PNP clearance. If completed, please contact me at 09226864951. Thank you.

  7. ask ko lang po.paano po ba kung lagi akong bumabyahe yung binabayad po ba sakin ng pasahero ng cash kailangan papo bang iremit sa office or amin nayun.?saka kailangan po bang mag report weekly sa office at may sahod papo ba kami bilangpeer driver.?

    1. Hi mark,

      Di mo na kailangan magremit sa office ng grabcar, sayo na yung cash at sa driver.. At wala din sahod na bukod sa peer dahil nasa usapan nyo na yun ng driver mo. Kung nakinig ka ng seminar yun ang alam ko na sinabi.

  8. Pano kung sabihin ko saung wala kaming mapapala sa bulok mong utak?

    Pano kung sabihin ko sau lahat tau mamamatay? Kung ganun din naman pala, edi pakamatay kana agad ngaun na. Bat ka pa kumakaen mamatay ka din naman.

    Puro ka “If” statement lahat naman papunta sa pagka fail. May ROI ka pang sinasabi eh kung kumikita ka ng average 30k at 15k lang naman ang hulog every month, edi kumita ka pa din -_- do the math dude.

  9. Iam grab operator n driver as of April 2016 grab n uber not profitable pls don’t loan for a car this system cannot pay for your car extra income lang

  10. mga mam/sir pwede pong mag tanung? im a grab a car driver tanung ko lang kung anung pinakamagandang iregister sa globe para magamit ung application thaks

  11. Hi All. Looking for a GrabCar driver. Someone who has a professional driver’s license, Baranggay Clearance, NBI Clearance, PNP clearance and Proof of Billing. If interested, please contact me at 09178193475. Thank you.

  12. Nag grab ako sarili ko PA car malaking kalokohan ito sila lang kumikita malaki na mauuwi mo 1300 pag minalas ka 700 tapos dadayain ka sa incentive sasabihin di k umabot

  13. Hi, I’m looking for an UBER/Grab Driver, must have NBI & Police Clearance, Professional Driver’s License and OR. Please send your resume in my email add: erjade18@yahoo.com or contact me at 0915-2639-262

  14. Hi! my husband and I are planning to loan a car to enroll as Grab Car. Tanong ko lang if pwede Ford Ecosport? Mag fall ba sya sa Grab Sedan? Ask ko din of pwede kami magattend ng seminar kahit wala pa kami available unit? We want to study and know more the business.

    1. I spoke to Grab, asking can they attend the seminar kaht otw pa lang yung car na niloan? Sabi hindi, xe to get a schedule for the seminar fill-up ka muna form sa website tas ipapadala sa yo yung mga docs ng sasakyan as soon as you attend the seminar peer/driver.

  15. Hello, I am looking for a GrabCar driver. Driver must have NBI & Police Clearance, Professional Driver’s License and OR. You may call or text me if interested at 09165778367

  16. Hello, I am looking for a GrabCar driver. Driver must have NBI & Police Clearance, Professional Driver’s License and OR. You may call or text me if interested at 0928-3363413 and look for Michael or Jimmy.

  17. Hi. Looking for grabcar driver available asap.
    Driver must have valid NBI, Police Clearance and Professional Driver’s License. Kindly message 09175792460 and look for Anne. Thank you.

  18. Hello, I am looking for a GrabCar driver. Driver must have NBI & Police Clearance, Professional Driver’s License and OR. You may call or text me if interested at 0920-2219275 or 0915-8126657 and look for Liezl. Thank you.

  19. Hi i need a grab a car driver ,driver has have nbi,police clearance and professional driver license w/or you may call or txt me if you are interested at 09205814620 and 09064203641 thank you.just look 4 len.

  20. E totoo ba yun na kikita ka ng 70 k amonth.o hindi.dapat maging tapat hindi yung bolahan lang.prang nitworking lang kc.mill d mill ang usapan pag dating ng tang hali no meal.

  21. Looking for GrabCar driver. Driver must have NBI clearance, Police clearance and Prof. Driver’s License. Text/Call me at 0926-743-0795. Thanks!

  22. Looking for GrabCar driver. Driver must have NBI clearance, Police clearance and Prof. Driver’s License. Text/Call me at 0926-743-0795. Thanks!

    1. Is this for real? My husband wants us to have a car loan and ipasok namin sa Grab, but I am worried it will just be burden to us. If may driver pa kami na babayaran, how much ang kanya?

      1. Hi Ayen!

        This article was released over a year ago and the landscape for Uber and Grab have drastically changed. We’re not sure if you can earn as much through these ride sharing apps nowadays. Best to ask a friend, or other people who operate Grab/Uber vehicles. Best of luck.

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  24. Hello po Sir/Maam,
    Magtatanong lang po sana ako tungkol sa Grabtaxi. “Ilan po ba ang nagagamit na mga cars ng Grab Company “daily”,”monthly” at “annually” ? Kailangan lang po namin para sa Marketing namin.

    Salamat po at kung maaari po sana ay masagot niyo ang aking tanong.

  25. gusto ko lang po malaman sana kung meron pong nagpapa utang ng sasakyan,parang boundary hulog po. sana po may makatulong sa akin para maipasok ko sa grab at yun napo ang aking magiging work at huhulog hulogan kopo sa inyo..salamat po,ito po number ko #09336213633- 3647787

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