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Great Food and a Great Connection at SmartSpots

StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park is the Newest SmartSpot

Maginhawa Street has always been a bit of a foodies dream. You can literally spend the whole night on this street in UP Village hopping from restaurant to restaurant, or visiting one of the Food Parks in the area. One such Food Park is StrEat: Maginahawa Food Park, which one of these first ones you’ll come across when entering UP Village. Aside from the great food that you can find among the many stalls (We recommend getting the Sushi x Taco fusion from Ozawa, by the way), you can now experience really fast connectivity as the food park has just partnered up with Smart; making it the latest of the SmartSpots in town.

You can browse 30 minutes FREE, but you can do a lot at those speeds! If you want to go beyond 30 minutes, you can always purchase more time at one of their partnered stalls so you can share more of your evening hang out with your buds.

The folks from Smart and the people behind StrEat

Good Deals Too!

You can also avail of discounts when you head to StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park and it doesn’t matter whatever network you’re on either; it’s just that you get more deals if you’re a Smart subscriber. Text SmartSpots On to 292909434 to get access to an online magazine that compiles all the discounts you can get. We got P100 of our Uber ride home, but that was exclusively for last night only (Thursday, April 6); which was handy after almost putting ourselves in a food coma.

Reese Lansangan serenades the crowd at StrEat

Other SmartSpots in the Metro

As we mentioned above, StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park is the latest SmartSpot. You can also enjoy great food and a super fast connection at The Yard in Xavierville and at the Yard Underground in Pasig. If you want to know where the next SmartSpot will be, we suggest following along Smart’s Facebook page for the announcement.

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