GSMA Cancels MWC 2020 Due to Coronavirus Scare

No word yet on what will happen to the pre-conference events

After several brands have pulled out of MWC 2020 due to the ongoing Coronavirus scare, GSMA has decided to cancel the annual tech conference.

In a statement, GSMA said that travel concerns and other circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus scare have made them consider to not hold MWC this year. Nonetheless, GSMA assures that they will be preparing for MWC 2021.

With MWC 2020—which was supposed to be held from February 24 to 27—now cancelled, it remains unclear as to what will happen to all the pre-MWC events happening from February 22 to 23. While they are technically not part of the MWC event proper, brands may go on holding their respective events or do a live streaming instead.


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