Here’s How You Can Donate To Fight COVID-19

Help fight the virus!

The Philippines is in the midst of the fight against COVID-19, a deadly coronavirus that has infected almost the entire globe. While the government is doing its part to contain the deadly virus, ordinary citizens can also help by donating money to help buy personal protective equipment as well as food for front liners and vulnerable members of society. Here are 5 ways you can donate:

Via apps

Banking apps like BPI and BDO (as an example) already allow you to donate directly. This is also true for payment apps like GCash and PayMaya. Since Lazada orders are delayed because of the current lockdown, the company is using their portal to allow donations via LazadaForGood, with the money collected going to buying supplies like water, basic necessities and other needs like personal protection equipment.

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Via reward points

Companies like Globe, Smart, and Grab are allowing their customers to donate their unused points to the cause of their choice. Note that points conversion to Peso will vary depending on your provider.

Via game streams

Since most of your favorite local streamers are stuck at home as you, many of them have been streaming non-stop to try and raise money for the fight against COVID-19. Alodia Gosiengfiao has been streaming almost every day looking to raise money for the United Nations Foundation, with around Php P45,373.87 raised so far.

Unbox is also participating in an Animal Crossing Charity Stream later in cooperation with several other publications including Gadget Pilipinas, Jam Online, OMGLuie, DAGeeks and One More Game in cooperation with PayMaya as well, so please tune into that and donate.

Via private donations

You can also donate directly to private and public efforts directly. Kaya Natin! Movement via the Office of the Vice President has already gathered around 21 million pesos worth of donations that they’ve used to buy personal protection equipment for front liners (doctors, nurses, etc). Donations can be done through direct bank transactions or through ticket2me.

Via computer time

If you don’t have any spare cash to spare but have a powerful PC at home, you can still help in the against COVID-19 by lending your PC’s computing power to the fight. folding@home is a program that you can install in PCs that allows it to connect to a vast, international network of distributed processing that’s currently being used to map and solve COVID-19 related problems that creators help will contribute to a vaccine against the disease.

Here’s How You Can Help Frontliners During the Community Quarantine

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