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Here’s What the Apple Store in the Apple Campus in Cupertino Looks Like

The Apple Store at the Apple Campus in Cupertino

We Visited the Apple Campus and Here it is…

We’re still here at Silicon Valley and one of the stops we made was the Apple Campus in Cupertino. We’ve been curious about the Apple Store there and if there was anything special about it considering it’s located in the place where Apple operates out of.

So is there anything unique about it? Yes. They have Apple merchandise only available in that store. Apart from that though it actually is very small compared to other Apple stores and lacks the grandeur that you would usually see in flagship concept stores.

Here are some photos that we took of the store. Please do read the captions.

When you enter the first thing you see is a giant LCD screen and a bunch of wooden stools in the middle. The usual wooden tables are on the left and right sides. The store is one long rectangle.
Middle with Stools
On the left you have the usual Apple products. Special offer are the Apple T-shirts which are selling for a 35USD each.
On the right side you have more Apple products, headphones, and the special offers are: Apple ballpoint pens, notebooks, water bottles, greeting cards, and coffee mugs.
Water bottles! Cold water stays cool for 24 hours. Hot liquid (like coffee or tea) stays hot for 12 hours.
Coffee mugs. They come in three colors.
The REAL Apple Pen (lol). They come in colors matching the iPhone.

So yeah that’s it. The only reason to go to the Apple Store here is to buy the exclusive merchandise but they’re really expensive. Like the cultish Apple folk that we were, we ended up buying one of each (shirt, water bottle, pen, notebook, and coffee mug). ^^;

We highly recommend you don’t do the same, haha!

Carlo Ople

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