How to make the Most Out of Your MatePad Pro

Make the MatePad Pro your ultimate entertainment and productivity tool 

As Huawei’s flagship tablet, the MatePad Pro is a powerhouse device that can handle both work and play thanks to all its enhanced features and all the apps you can download at App Gallery. If you just grabbed Huawei’s newest tablet, here’s how you can get the most from it:


Make the most out of its preinstalled apps. Out of the box, the MatePad Pro is preloaded with productivity-oriented apps like WPS Office, Nebo, and MyScript Calculator. WPS Office is a productivity suite that lets you read PDF files, write documents, create spreadsheets, and prepare presentations—the latter three all compatible with Microsoft Office.  

Nebo is a notetaking app that is perfect for either jotting down notes or creating artistic doodles using the M-Pencil. MyScript Calculator, on the other hand, is a unique app, as it recognizes most hand-written equations, giving you the answers in an instant.


Utilize its Multi-Window and App Multiplier features. Among the unique features of the MatePad Pro are Multi-Window and App Multiplier. The former lets you work with two apps at the same time (or three with a floating window), letting you do more while using the MatePad Pro. There are many use cases for this: some examples include crafting an article while checking emails, watching a video while browsing the web, and checking two social media feeds simultaneously.  


For apps like Lazada and Shopee, the MatePad Pro has App Multiplier, which utilizes the whole display and splits the apps into two windows for better navigation.


Load it up with your favorite productivity and entertainment apps. Beef up the MatePad Pro with fun and useful apps from App Gallery! Want a better productivity suite? Use Microsoft Office and utilize your Microsoft 365 subscription for seamless syncing of your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files with various devices. Need to satisfy your TV series binge? You can choose from Viu and iQIYI for international content, or iFlix and iWant if you want local content as well. 


Transform it into a content creator device! With its flagship-grade internals, the MatePad Pro is very suitable for photo and video editing as well! If you want to edit videos on the go, FilmoraGo is your app of choice, as it offers a variety of tools to help you make a stellar vlog.  

For photo editing, you can download either PicsArt or Camera360. Both are popular photo editing apps that offer a variety of tools in processing your photos to your liking—whether as a #feedgoals post or as a funny-yet-shareable meme. 

For graphic design, Canva is your go-to app, as it has several layouts—from Instagram stories to newsletters—that can help you in creating more engaging social media posts or for supplementing your business needs.

With the MatePad Pro’s features and App Gallery’s app lineup, Huawei’s flagship tablet has the potential to be an all-around device that you can use for both work and play. As App Gallery continues to add more available apps, expect to see new ways to use the MatePad Pro.


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