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Indonesian Payment Gateway Xendit Expands Operations To Philippines

The new firm sees fertile ground in the Philippines

Indonesian fintech firm Xendit is expanding its operations to the Philippines as pandemic requirements have pushed more and more Filipinos to embrace digital, cashless transactions.

Xendit offers companies and SMEs simplified payment processes that are tailored to accept payments from multiple sources, including bank accounts, debit, and credit cards.

Xendit’s expansion comes as COVID fears and government restrictions have pushed many businesses to transition their operations to a more digital-friendly model.

Xendit offers a technically advanced yet user-friendly process that allows businesses of all sizes to easily end and accept payments. Through Xendit, any business can go live in less than a day using modern APIs and a dashboard that makes settlement, reconciliation, and accounting simple. Xendit’s product portfolio allows businesses to quickly accept major payment methods with fast activation times.

“There is a growing trend toward digital payments and those who have embraced it cite that they enjoy the convenience, quick transaction time, and low processing fees. By working with
Xendit to increase the accessibility of digital payments for our users, we can contribute to far-reaching financial inclusion, innovation, and competitive costs,” says Jonathan Bates, Head of GrabPay Philippines.


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