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Isko Moreno Personally Closes Computer Shop in Manila Because of Complaints About DoTA

Isko Moreno

Closes one shop for non-compliance

Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno was busy a few days ago looking after the welfare of his younger constituents – he was out and about in Manila personally inspecting computer shops after several parents complained about kids getting addicted to online games like DoTA during school hours inside said shops. Computer shops are required by many municipalities and cities to not allow students inside their premises during school hours or else face stiff penalties. One shop found out the hard way that Isko is not a mayor to be messed with when it comes to kids and their education.

Isko Moreno 2

The offending shop, located in Dapitan, was forced to close because of non-compliance – essentially the place was teeming with elementary and high school students (around 300) during school hours, a grave violation of Manila Ordicance No. 8168. In addition, the internet cafe was essentially a death trap and did not have a fire exit in case of emergencies which is obviously a dangerous problem.

Kids, we know it’s tempting to skip school and play games all day, but there’s a reason why your parents are sending you to school. We’re gamers ourselves so we totally understand where you guys are coming from, but don’t be a fool and stay in school.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


    1. Somebody make a photoshopped image of Isko hanging out inside a Casino! We just want it for the laughs!

  1. “We’re gamers ourselves so we totally understand where you guys are coming from, but don’t be a fool and stay in schoo”

    apparently you skipped english class

  2. Hahaha… Wait nalang kayo pag college na…. Marami na vacant time at mas malaki na baon para pandota… Hahaha

    But seriously though, you can play dota in any break time you want… Just dont let it affect your studies. Hell I play dota almost everyday yet I was still the valedictorian in high school and I am the first in the dean’s list and I am taking up accountancy… Not bragging though, its just to point out that play is play and study is study.

  3. I think instead of outright banning the use of DOTA during class hours, they should simply double or triple said gaming rates (internet use for research not included) and provide discounts after class hours. Then students will not be staying too much in said net cafes. ex. Rate = 20/hr. if tripled = 60/hr. If said student cuts class then he/she will be cutting only 1 subject instead of 3. Now if said student is rich in allowance, I highly doubt he could keep on paying for 5 players at said rates. You actually need 4 friends to play DOTA. Totally Banning the game might push the more rebellious ones to different and more dangerous stuff.

    1. A few days later in a tabloid:

      Gun Gale Online, nakakamatay~!

      Kids might jump to the next new trend.

  4. “online games like DoTA”

    I think you should change the title. The violation was that students were inside the shops at times that they were not allowed to be and not that they were playing DoTA.

  5. Plot twist: isko’s friend owns the cafe and slowly opens it months later.

    Double plot twist: Isko’s on the take as well.

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