It’s a Me … Mario on Google Maps!

In celebration of National Mario Day last March 10 (yes, it’s actually a thing), Google and Nintendo teamed up to bring us Mario on Google Maps.  Suddenly being stuck in traffic is not so bad because it feels like you’re playing Mario Kart.

If you don’t have it yet, here’s what you need to do:

  1.  Make sure that the Google Maps on your phone is updated.
  2. Enter your destination and tap “directions”.
  3. Instead of choosing “start”, press the question mark right beside it.
  4. Mario will pop up on your screen signaling that you’re all set to drive!
  5. Your navigation arrow will turn into who else?  Mario!  How cute is that?

Mario will only be on Google Maps until March 16.  Only 4 more days to go so check it out now!  And just a word of caution, we know he can be very entertaining but keep your eyes on the road please! :)



Lea Cruz

A hardcore Star Wars fan, we’ve been calling Lea the Philippines’ Princess of Tech. She serves as the Lifestyle Editor at Unbox and the host for some of our YouTube videos.

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