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It’s About Time: House OKs SIM Card Registration

The SIM card registration bill is almost a law

The SIM card registration bill (officially known as the House Bill No. 5231 or the Subscriber Identity Module Card Registration ) has officially cleared one of its biggest hurdles recently as the House of Representatives has officially approved the bill on its third reading, according to Inquirer.net. The bill seeks to require buyers of pre-paid SIM cards to present valid identification with a photo with every purchase.

Aside from showing their ID, buyers will now be required to accomplish and write a registration form with a control number issued by whatever telco the SIM uses. Without the two requirements, buyers will not be able to purchase a SIM card.

The proposed bill also allows telcos to de-activate unregistered SIM cards.

The bill imposes stiff fines and penalties for non-compliance: sellers will be fined between P5,000 and P50,000 and may face suspension while telcos are fined P300,000 for first offense, P500,000 for second offense and P1,000,000 for third and subsequent violations.

The bill was introduced to reduce the theft of mobile phones in the country, as well as quell the malicious use of pre-paid SIMs for harrassment and spam messaging. The Aquino administration has officially went on record in favor of the SIM registration measure last year.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. Guess the brilliant boys and girls of Congress already found the solutions to “all other” more pressing issues, of both national and local importance, for them to be able to come up with such a novel piece of legislature..

    1. Bobo ka pala e, itulad natin sa sariling buhay mo: Mawawalan ka ng trabaho next month, at wala ka nang pambili ng ulam bukas. Dahil ba hindi ka pa nakakahanap ng trabaho, kakalimutan mo na yung mga mas maliit na problema?

      Feeling mo ang talino mo wala ka naman talagang alam.

      1. Kapatid, sabi nga nang isang mapagkumbabang tao: the measure that you use will be measured unto you..

        so happy ka na? kasi mas matalino ka kesa dun sa taas?

        #palakpakan!!! #artista_na_yan

  2. Nakow….Andali-daling magpagawa ng PEKENG I.D. sa Recto….I don’t think this will deter the scammers and spammers…

    1. Government IDs lang dapat. Kasi may unique ID numbers yun. I guess mahihirapan silang magpeke, kasi may mga unique numbers 😀

  3. Finally YES ! Isunod niyo na rin ang NATIONAL ID SYSTEM lets follow our neighboring asian countries and move forward to to a better and stronger economy !

  4. Ok ung national ID system. pero prepaid sim registration.. :3 i think it’s too much. thieves of mobile phone can be tracked by embedding an app to the phone since most of the eye catching phone for thieves are smart phones.spamming/scams and other malicious ways of using sim cards, telcos might have hidden arsenal for that which they don’t wan to spent some money. they can’t even fix the very unreliable internet in country. :3 internet is fast enough, fast enough to drive people crazy due to sluggish download. xD why create such law if there are alternatives for that. why don’t they stay focused with rape, drugs, terrorism, territorial dispute in west Philippine sea, smuggling of products, sub standard construction materials, education, health and other basic problems that they should prioritize.

  5. Naipasa ito dahil. malamang mahahanapan ng mga gov. officials na pagkakitaan ito. Sana internet speed/reliability/cost ang pagtuunan din. Hirap n hirap aq ipost e2ng comment na to dhl sa smart n yan.

    1. kung cnu kz ung ISP na maraming subscriber sila pa ung bulok. natawa nga ako sa IT expo here in our place. sinabihan ng local ISP na very unreliable ang internet service ng PLDT.

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