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It’s Not Just You: BPI Has ATM Withdrawal Problems [Update: Now working As Of 8:05 PM]

Image via CNN Philippines

It’s a nationwide issue

Having trouble withdrawing money from your BPI account via ATM? It’s not just you. We’ve confirmed that customers are having issues trying to withdraw money from ATMs, whether BPI owned or not.

We experienced this ourselves trying to grab access to our cash earlier this evening, and each attempt at a BPI ATM returned an invalid card issue. Attempts to withdraw money from other banks’ ATMs also proved fruitless.

According to a BPI rep we spoke to over the phone, they’re aware of the issue and are trying to fix it as soon as possible, but no firm time line was given. If you’re really hard up for cash, we suggest that you try using your ATM to pay for it, as it worked earlier when we bought some grub out of desperation.

[Update: Now working] That was fast – BPI has managed to address the issue and we can confirm that withdrawals are working as of 8:05 PM. It’ll be wise to stick to BPI ATMs for now as they further address whatever caused the glitch.

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