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Lazada Breaks Records With 2020 11.11 Sales

More and more pinoys are adding to cart

There’s plenty to be happy about this 2020 if you’re e-commerce giant Lazada. Not only is it surviving during a time where many companies are struggling, but it’s also growing at a massive pace as more and more people turn to e-commerce because of the pandemic, breaking barriers that have traditionally plagued online shopping in the Philippines. And there are even more reasons for Lazada to celebrate: the brand has announced that this year’s 11/11 sales have broken records with the company, with orders and sales at least doubling compared to last year.

“Safe to say, we have never seen this amount of sales and amount of buyers and amount of sellers ever in a single day in the whole Philippines,” said Petrus Carbonell, head of business development at Lazada Philippines.

Online marketplaces like Lazada have traditionally faced stiff barriers insofar as customer’s buying habits are concerned, as the Philippines is one of the places in the world that still prefer physical, brick-and-mortar sales for goods. This has changed in the post COVID world and Lazada’s raking in the cash.

According to an interview in ABS-CBN, sales of essential goods like groceries and other similar products have risen 15 times VS their pre-COVID levels, which means more and more Filipinos becoming comfortable with simply buying their essentials online.


John Nieves

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  1. you have no choice its lazada or shopee. we carted the samsung m31 3 days before the 11.11 sale then a day before it sold for P9k then tells it will be on sale at P7kplus. we carted again. during the sale m31 sells for P13,990.00. we accidentally found a lazada seller for P10,500.00 we grabbed it and waiting for actual delivery. lazada is a great platform even if its riddled with bogus sellers. with all the money lazada can invest in security infrastructure to stop the unending inflow of legal demands by dti/buyers due to fraud and data breach.

  2. True, its either lazada or shopee during the pandemic here. I only bought from lazada before the pandemic hit, and now have been buying from shopee too. In fact, I’ve been buying more from shopee now compared to lazada.

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