LG’s Deep Learning Technology in Smart Home Appliances Makes Life Simpler and More Convenient

With the endless tasks we have to accomplish in a day, it really helps to have smart appliances that understand us – our lifestyle, habits and what we truly need. That is what LG appliances do through their Deep Learning Technology. It gathers information about its users’ lifestyle over time in order to improve its services.

For example, LG’s deep learning refrigerator “predicts” certain tasks and automatically does it, such as refilling the ice tray during the warmest time of the day when cold drinks are in demand. During summer, it initiates the 4-stage sterilization system on its own to avoid food spoilage.

Its air conditioner analyzes the user’s behavioral pattern such as the areas where the family usually stays during certain times of the day. It can then provide the most comfortable temperatures quickly and efficiently.

The washing machine assesses environmental conditions in order to provide an optimal washing experience. For example, it adjusts the water temperature and the amount of water used in areas where there is hard water in order to counter its effects on the clothes. It also adds another rinse for extra clean clothes in places where it is extremely dusty.

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple sensors so it can recognize objects around the room. By capturing surface images, the intelligent cleaner remembers obstacles and learns to avoid them over time.

As Song Dae-hyun, the president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company mentioned, “Deep learning technology is the next phase in the evolution of smart appliances.” As people are getting busier and busier and we are expected to move faster and faster, having smart appliances is becoming more of a need than a luxury.

Lea Cruz

A hardcore Star Wars fan, we’ve been calling Lea the Philippines’ Princess of Tech. She serves as the Lifestyle Editor at Unbox and the host for some of our YouTube videos.

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