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LOOK: This 65-Year Old DoTA 2 Player Can Probably Kick Your Butt


He might already have beaten you at DoTa

Are you an avid DoTA 2 player? Well, chances are that a player twice or even thrice your age have already managed to beat you at a match or two. The player above that puts the “ancient” in Defense of the Ancient is Tony “Lolo Cris” Matulac, better known as Cris Montinola in the game is a older than most players of the MOBA – at 65 years old, he’s probably triple the age of the regular DoTA 2 player.

Lolo Cris, who first shot to internet fame last month when his photos playing the popular game was shared on the DoTa 2 Philippines page, is an avid gamer and graduated to DoTA 2 after playing the original mod in his hometown of La Paz in Iloilo. He’s not just noob either – Lol Cris begins his DoTA 2 sessions in the morning, takes a quick break for lunch and comes right back to play until 6 PM in the evening.

The geriatric player taught himself how to play DoTA and DoTA 2, and also played Warcraft Frozen Throne when it came out.

It just goes to show – you can never be too old to do what you love.

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    1. an exercise to sharpen his mind.. nice one lolo… astig cguro bonding moments nyo ng mga apo nyo. LAN party!

  1. When I retire I will be like him 🙂 I’d kick the ass of most gamers thrice younger than me 🙂 Well for now. Focus muna on other priorities 🙂

  2. better do what you love before its too late, life is so short , as long as his family is ok with it and he is not neglecting his health i think its cool.. im also a gamer console and mobile but i dont know if i will still have the same gaming interest when i get older like mr. Cris M.

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