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LTFRB To Re-train All PUV Drivers

mga Ma'am/Sir bago ko na video yan super bilis nang pasok nya sa lane ko ang sakin lang safety nang pa salubong sakanya and isipin nyo nalang kung friends nyo or family nyo ung tumatawid, kaya ginawa ko ung video para makatulong din sa lahat, nakakalungkot lang para sa manga pasahero ako pa may kasalanan Hindi nila alam buhay nila kapalit din kung may mangyari sa pag counterflow nila, rules are rules gusto natin magbago pero magtulungan din tayo lahat **sorry sa BAD WORDS** nagulat lang ako gusto rin nya ako pa huli Hahahah tinuturo pa ako ?**sa sounds ko pala! Sarap pa nang kanta ko eh Hahaha ganyan Lang ako ka chill kase mag drive kanina JUST ONCE lang naman ako magganyan

Posted by Kirstoff Guinto on Sunday, January 29, 2017

It’s no secret that many public utility vehicle drivers plying the roads in the Metro are in serious need of driving lessons. There’s a lot of drivers who carry paying passengers in their vehicles who are reckless, rude and are downright liabilities on the road. There’s no shortage of viral videos making the rounds on Facebook to back our observation up – bus drivers especially are the worst, as the latest viral video can attest.The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board is looking to address one of the problems with PUV drivers by instituting a mandatory Driver’s Education Training Program for all PUV drivers.

“With the recent reports on accidents and harassment, the LTFRB has decided to institutionalize the driver’s academy program”, says Aileen Lizada, LTFRB Board Member.

The Driver’s Education Training Program hopes to professionalize PUV drivers by giving them a refresher course on driver etiquette and road signs. Upon completion each PUV driver will be given a certificate and an ID that serves as their proof that they attended the training. These documents will now be a requirement for employment for PUV drivers – companies that employ drivers that do not have the required documents will be penalized by the LTFRB accordingly.

If you ask us a better solution would be the removal of the borderline criminal boundary system that incentives reckless driving in PUV drivers but for the most part the LTFRB’s efforts will probably help, if just a little. Hopefully we see more level-headed, obedient PUV drivers once the program starts in May.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. I strongly agree with the LTFRB’s training program for PUV drivers. When we say PUV drivers, that means, all people that drive all kinds of PUV like tricycle, jeeps, taxis, busses, etc. I can still remember that there is a report that all drivers holding professional license must undergo training and examinations. I would like this proposal be a reality since I encountered many times along diversion roads and highways that I nearly collided with erring truck and bus drivers. Dinadaan kasi sa laki kahit mali ang ginawa nila, eh, kotse lang dala ko. Natural, matatakot ako sa buhay ko at ng family ko. Ako ang laging sumadsadsad sa service road na puro bato at lupa, wag lang kami madisgrasya.

    And about the penalty fee, make it so absurdly, sky high that operators will never think twice of NOT employing drivers without requirements. Not only PUV operators but also trucking operators.

  2. hanep din yung mga pasahero, kumampi din sa lecheng driver nila kasi naistorbo ang byahe nila. eh kung di ba naman kayo mga gunggong kung hindi dahil sa driver ninyo hindi kayo maiistorbo. hindi lang mga PUV drivers ang dapat mag-undergo ng training, isama na din ang mga ganitong klaseng commuters. eto yung tipong hindi sumusunod sa traffic rules tulad ng tamang tawiran.

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