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Manila Conducts City-wide COVID 19 Health Survey With Help From PLDT

In partnership with PLDT

The city of Manila has launched a Facebook-based survey of its residents to help the government assess the risks posed by the COVID-19 outbreak and help identify areas of concern.

The Manila CODE COVID-19 (Contain and Delay) Health survey and Community Education Campaign is a free service given to the public where they can answer a few questions about their health status related to COVID-19 via the Mayor’s official Facebook page, “Isko Moreno Domagoso”.

Residents can take part in the voluntary survey via the send message feature of Facebook, where they’re asked basic questions about their recent travel history and current symptoms for the virus, like colds, coughs or sore throat.

“This simple application, together with you, will help us become efficient in handling this problem in this critical time. The city government is doing everything to mitigate this crisis affecting public health,” reiterated Mayor Domagoso during his 20-minute Facebook live broadcast.

“It is also crucial for everyone to have access to official information from our government and other official sources, and, to the Manila emergency operations center Covid19 command center hotlines where qualified professionals are able to assist 24/7,” he added.

“We at PLDT are working closely with the government to help everyone get through the COVID crisis by providing critical solutions to our partners. Using the right technology solutions can help individuals, companies and the country deal more effectively with the health threat posed by the COVID outbreak,” said PLDT Head of Enterprise Jovy Hernandez.

PLDT is providing an additional five direct lines to Manila City hall for residents, as well as a dedicated connectivity solution via PLDT Fibr.

In line with this effort, PLDT is also stepping up its efforts to augment the connectivity for the command centers of other government agencies and local government units in handling COVID19-related cases and inquiries in their respective localities.

Together with its wireless subsidiary Smart, PLDT is coordinating with national government agencies and local government units in implementing mitigation and safety measures through its various connectivity services.

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