Manny Pacquio’s PacPay Is The Newest Challenger In e-Payments

your gateway to ‘money-cannot-buy’ experiences

Not content in dominating in the squared circle and the halls of Senate, Senator Manny Pacquiao is entering a new arena like no other: Fintech. The good senator has co-founded a tech startup dubbed Pac Technologies whose first project is their ambitious new e-payment platform dubbed “PacPay”.

The firm is looking to debut the platform before the year ends, with the company looking to provide users with seamless, faster, and safer cross-border prepaid solutions to make payments conveniently. The app is primarily catered towards influencers, brands, and their fans. The app will have a rewards program that gives users opportunities to participate in exclusive private events and ‘money-cannot-buy’ experiences where users can connect with their favorite influencers and brands.

After the e-payment platform is launched in the Philippines, the tech startup’s next goal is to expand to Singapore. The tech startup has its eyes set on expanding across Asia going forward thanks to its strategic partnership with Singaporean fintech remittance firm, Remsea. Remsea is a firm focused on international money transfer particularly cross-border payments in Southeast Asia.

Pacquiao tells BBC in an interview “…because of my latest involvement with this fintech [financial technology] venture, a lot of my fellow athletes, global influencers and other entrepreneurs have expressed their interest and potential involvement in the platform.”

“The global landscape of payments is witnessing unprecedented growth. This is an incredible opportunity for us to enter the regional market,” Pac Technologies CEO Sean Wong said in a press statement. “We are excited to work with Remsea to add value and enhance our product range by offering prepaid debit cards to the global fans of Sen. Pacquiao.”

Pac Technologies is also looking at utilizing PacPay’s online payment services around healthcare and employment, two sectors that it feels need to be prioritized during the pandemic. “This is not just about making a personal profit, but I would like to see it as a long-term investment for the betterment of my countrymen,” the senator added.

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  1. Great news. We need other players, more options for the consumer. The duopoly by smart and globe (paymaya and g-cash) needsd to be challenged. We can’t let these oligarchs run the country. They have been since 1986.

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