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Mislatel Franchise “Revoked” Before It Even Starts Operations

The company has several violations according to Sen. Drilon

Our third telco is possibly in very hot water even before they’ve officially started operations. During a Senate examination of its qualifications, Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said that the franchise holder for the Mislatel Consortium, Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. violated the conditions of its franchise when it was granted back in 1998.

According to the lawmaker, Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc. received its congressional franchise to operate in 1998 but still has yet to start operations a decade since then.

Company president Nicanor Escalante said “peace and order” concerns stopped its plans to set up operations in Parang, Maguindanao.

Under the law, the Mislatel Consortium’s franchise is considered revoked if it fails to comply with any of the conditions below:

  • Commence operations within one year from the approval of its permit by the National Telecommunications Commission;
  • Operate continuously for two years; and
  • Commence operations within three years from the effectivity of the Act.

Information and Communications Technology chief Eliseo Rio said that they would cancel provisional status given to Mislatel if post qualification assessments determine that they are unfit to hold a franchise.

“If you do not pass the post qualification, you will simply not be given a franchise,” Rio said.

The Mislatel consortium was the sole, qualified bidder during the government’s search for a third telco back in November. The consortium is made up of the Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company, Inc., which is the franchise holder, The Udenna Corporation, Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp and state-owned telecommunications firm China Telecom.

Who Is The Mislatel Consortium, Our Possible Third Telco?


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