More Than 350 Taiwanese Drivers Fined for Playing Pokemon Go

Unbox 56 - Taiwan PokeGO

Apparently, the Pokémon Go fever in Taiwan is reaching frenzied levels as hundreds of Taiwanese drivers were fined this weekend for playing the game while driving their vehicles.

According to global news agency AFP, more than 350 Taiwanese drivers sidelining as Pokémon trainers have been fined since the game launched on Saturday. The majority of the violators were driving motorcycles, based on data from Taiwan’s National Police Agency.

“Catch the rare creatures, but don’t let accidents catch up with you!” Taiwan’s Premier Lin Chuan said on the cabinet’s Facebook page.

Car drivers violating the law will be slapped a fine of NT$ 3,000 (Php 4,470), while motorcyclist offenders will be charged NT$ 1,000 (Php 1,490).

On a local note, here’s hoping the Pokémon Go epidemic in the Philippines won’t become as crazy (or even crazier) as what we’ve seen in other countries.

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Source: AFP News Agency, DailyMail

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