Neko Atsume, the Addicting Kitty Collector App, will be a Live Action Movie in 2017


Cat lovers will be thrilled to know that the addicting kitty collector app will be turned into a live action film called “House of Neko Atsume (Neko Atsume no le).

The game involves players populating the backyard with cushions, toys, food and other items that will attract cats. In return, the cats will leave silver and gold fish behind as their way of saying thanks. The game was a huge hit in 2015 with 10 million app downloads. It also made it to GameSpot’s Top 5 Mobile Games of 2015.

People were just so into the game and so in love with cats that merchandise like toys, cellphone accessories, trinkets and apparel were released. Now, Neko Atsume will be brought to a whole new level of awesome – its 2017 film release starring popular Japanese television and film actor, Atsushi Ito, who will play the role of a best-selling author, Katsu Sakumoto.

The film tells the story of a young, successful author (played by Atsushi Ito), who is struggling with writer’s block. He then moves to the countryside in an attempt to find inspiration. There, he sees a cat in his garden porch that ran away when he tries to befriend it. So he decides to take a different approach and leaves food for the cat, which was gone the next day. This is how the beautiful story starts.

While there are still no details on whether or not the movie adaptation of the game will be released worldwide, this news is certainly something that cat lovers can look forward to.




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