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Netflix Says Goodbye To Free Trials

It's either pay up or shut up

Netflix is getting rid of freeloaders it seems, as the streaming juggernaut has silently removed the option for free trials to its service. Netflix’s free trial previously allowed unlimited access to their streaming library for 30-days.

The change was quietly implemented across Netflix sites around the world and the same is reflected on the Philippine site. According to the site’s Help Center, free trials are not available, “but you can still sign up and take advantage of all Netflix has to offer.”

The move isn’t surprising, considering the free trial offer has already been phased out for years in other countries. While it certainly sucks for new users looking to get into the streaming service, Netflix isn’t exactly what you’d call an unknown brand – the company already has nearly 200 million subscribers globally, and its use has only surged during this year thanks to the modern plague and all the lockdowns associated with it.

Netflix is taking a different tact now in trying to attract new users: one way they restructured their marketing approach is to offer free sample content on their website, which leads to a curated list of their original TV shows and movies instead of offering their entire streaming library. This is also potentially their way of curbing freeloaders who take advantage of Netflix’s free subscription by signing up for multiple accounts, and then canceling before the first billing period comes into play.

Netflix has also made it super affordable to get access to their library: a mobile-only Netflix subscription costs Php 149 a month, which is good enough for most people who only consume movies and shows on their phones and tablets. Their more premium subscription goes up to Php 549 for a premium plan but that is still considerably cheaper than a regular Cable TV subscription.

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