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New Workout Buddies from Samsung: the Gear Fit2 and the IconX

Samsung Gear 4

Fitness! Yes, fitness! We may not be the poster children for fitness here at Unbox, but its nice to have a bit of technology help you on the road to a healthier lifestlye or keep you on track on your current trajectory. With the Samsung Gear Fit2 and the Gear IconX, the Korean brand certainly makes a compelling bid to be a part of your trips to the gym or your daily run.

Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear 3

The new iteration of the Gear Fit helps you keep track of your fitness goals and monitors the number of calories you’ve burned, the distance you’ve run, and the time it took you traverse that distance, keep track of your sleep patterns, and your stress levels. It all seems pretty standard, but the Gear Fit2 also has stand-alone GPS to make sure you’re on track with your workout and you don’t get lost on the route you’ve chosen to take with its 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display to lead the way. For those of you who may be fashion conscious or want to match your wearables to your wardrobe, it’s available in Blue, Black, or Pink. The Samsung Gear Fit2 is priced at Php 8,490.

Gear Fit2 Specs

1.5-inch Curved Super AMOLED Display (216×432 Resolution)
1GHz Dual-Core Exynos 3250
4GB Internal Storage
200mAh Battery
Bluetooth v4.1
IP68 Certified Water and Dust Resistance
Compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 Devices and Up

Samsung Gear IconX

Samsung Gear 1

The IconX definitely caught our eye ever since its availability was announced internationally. The IconX are cord-free fitness earbuds — Yes, earbuds — that not only pump tunes to keep you motivated while you work out, but is also equipped with features to measure your stats. Much like the Gear Fit2, the IconX can keep track of the calories you’ve burned, distance, time, heart rate, and a coaching feature to let you know if you should push a little harder. Safety is a huge issue with earphone use while working out, that’s why Samsung has also included an ambient noise feature to let you hear your surroundings and still listen to your playlist. Speaking of which, you can play your tunes via Bluetooth connection to your phone or you can use the IconX as a standalone music player with its 4GB of internal storage; it’s controlled by Smart Touch to either turn up or turn down the volume, and access the earbuds’ other features. The price for the IconX is set at P7,990 and is available in Black, Blue, or White.

Gear IconX Specs

6.3 grams per Earbud
Bluetooth v4.1
4GB Internal Storage
Heart Rate Monitor, Accelerometer, Capacitive Touch
47.5mAh Battery (Earbud)
315mAh Battery (Charging Case)
Built-In Microphone (2 per Earbud)
Splash Resistant (P 2i Nano Coating)
Compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 Devices and Up

Samsung Gear 2

So there you have it, the Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX, your new workout buddies from Samsung. In case you’ve skipped to this part — Because, TL;DR or you’ve simply memorized how we’ve formatted our articles — The Samsung Gear Fit2 is priced at P8,490 and the IconX Cord-Free earbuds at P7,990.

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A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.

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