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Next Level Troll: Huawei Hands Out Free Powerbanks For People Waiting In Line For New iPhones

“You’ll need it”

Huawei isn’t afraid to troll the competition. The company regularly throws shade at Samsung (calling their P10 to P20 leap a real “generational upgrade” right after Samsung announces the Note 9) and Apple (thanking them by “keeping things the same”) but their latest stunt is something else.

Huawei staff were spotted giving out free powerbanks to Apple fans queueing overnight for the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max in front of the Apple Store along Orchard Road. Well played, Huawei!

Posted by tech360.tv on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Huawei’s staff was seen handing out powerbanks to Apple fans standing in line for the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in front of the Apple Store along Orchard road. On the front of the power banks? The words “you’ll need it” in big, bold letters.

The powerbanks being handed out weren’t cheap giveaways as well, as they were 10,000mAh capacity powerbanks that had fast charging capabilities and a slim body. Each powerbank retailed for around S$80, or around Php 3.1K.

Huawei is set to unveil its latest flagship, the Mate 20, in an event in London three weeks from now. It looks like the Chinese company is pulling out all the stops to highlight the capabilities of their upcoming flagship.


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  1. They definitely gonna need it. Here are the Battery Capacities:

    iPhone XS Max – 3174 mAh
    iPhone XS – 2,658 mAh
    iPhone XR – 2,942 mAh

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