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No More Exorbitant Taxi Fares: Regular Taxis Now Allowed In Airport

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Say goodbye to the overpriced “airport taxi” cabs in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as the airport management has now allowed regular taxis to pick up passengers from all its four terminals. The directive was implemented starting today, July 18.

According to the report from the Philippine Star, the pick-up areas for the regular taxis are located at:

  • NAIA Terminal 1: secondary roadway of main arrival area
  • NAIA Terminal 2: secondary roadway, starting at Bay 22
  • NAIA Terminal 3: third roadway of arrival area, starting at Bay 6
  • NAIA Terminal 4: exit point area

Passengers boarding these taxis will be provided with a detailed “dispatch slip” similar to those used in mall taxi queues. Manila International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal also assured the public that any taxi-related complaints “will be resolved within 72 hours.”

Allowing regular taxi cabs to pick-up passengers is just one of the many improvements that the NAIA system has undergone ever since the change in its management.


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  1. mabuti naman kakahiya din tayo sa mga turista. Tinataga nila masyado tayong mga taxi commuter, grabe sila 3x o 4x ata sila mas mataas sa ordinary taxi, ako willing naman ako mag dagdag naiintindihan ko din sila driver din kasi, pero kung sobrang tatagain naman tayo grabe naman, paano kaya mga taga VisMin or mga foreinger cguro baka pa nga 4x ang pinaka mababang kontrata nila.

  2. Very good news. I also fell into the airport taxi’s trap. Going to pasig they charged 1.5k…….tapos na mga maliligayang araw ninyo…..Go Duterte!!!

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