“No Shortchanging Act” Now A Law

Unbox 38 - Barya

Change has finally come to this proud nation of ours in the form of… exact change, “barya”.

The “No Shortchanging Act” ratified by both the Senate and Congress last June has now lapsed into law on July 21. Marked as Republic Act 10909, the law mandates businesses and establishments — yes, that includes your corner sari-sari store — to give exact or even excess change to customers. Gone will be the days of corner stalls providing you candies and knickknacks in place of actual change! Hopefully.

Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino, a major proponent of the bill, earlier said that the act aims to “promote a culture of decency, integrity, and professionalism among Filipino businesses.”

“Naniniwala tayo na madadala at mapakikinabangan ng mga negosyanteng Pilipino ang kasanayang ito kapag lumaki at lumago ang kanilang negosyo,” the senator said.

A P500 fine awaits first-time offenders of the “No Shortchanging Act”. The second offense will incur a P15,000 penalty, along with a three-month suspension of the establishment’s license to operate. Three-peat violators will be slam-dunked with a P25,000 fee and a cancellation of the business’ operating license. Ouch.

As always with these newfangled laws and acts, we’re not quite sure how practical and feasible these are for widespread implementation by the government.

Source: CNN Philippines


  1. hindi kaya abusuhin masyado yan, baka ung iba sadyain na hindi na sakto ang ibibigay na bayad kunwari ang bill sa lugawan at nang yayari talaga un kunwari 26 lang lahat nakain tapos ang ibabayad ng kumain ay 200 bill tapos un na paano kung set up, wll opinion ko lang ito, sabagay ang mahilig talaga hindi nag susukli ung mga buwayang taxi driver hehehe

  2. Petty and unnecessary law. HIndi kailangan ng law na ganyan. Another unnecessary and impractical law that add another thing for small entrepreneurs (like Sari sari stores) to worry about. Most of the time, they don’t give exact change not because they don’t want to but because of a shortage of coins that the Central Bank don’t want to mint (because it is losing money for every one it mint).

    Pa-pa-pogi . They have not been a small entrepreneur kaya hindi nila alam ang kung anong hirap magtayo ng sariling negosyo dahil sa dami ng requirements na dinagdagan ng dinagdagan ng previous administration. Impractical, it favors big businesses which have easy access to banks (try mo magpalit ng barya sa bangko, either they will say none available after a few times or sisimangot ang teller unless big customer ka).

    Big businesses can also employ an army of accountants to do the paper works but if you are a small entrepreneur, ubos oras mo sa requirements pa lang, wala ka na oras mg concentrate sa business.

    Draconian rules like this one shows a lack of common sense.

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