Nokia 6 Update: Hitting a Speed Bump

We’ve had the Nokia 6 in our hands for a couple of days now and we’re trying our best to give you guys a pretty comprehensive review given that the return of the brand is a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a bit of a speed bump.

We’ve touched on the fact that the Nokia 6 available via Lazada, courtesy of Hellotronics, wasn’t intended for global release and, therefore, doesn’t have the Google Play Store and Google Play Services installed on the device. We’ve been trying several ways to get it installed on the phone, but we haven’t found a successful solution just yet. There are a couple apps we’ve been able to sideload, but we’ve been using it as a secondary device instead of really taking it through its paces as our daily driver.

We will, of course, keep trying to tinker with the Nokia 6 to give you a review that will hopefully give you a better idea of its capabilities and if it’s worth the money you’ll be spending. Stay tuned.

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Jamie Inocian

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