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NPC Suspends Grab Selfie Verification Over Privacy Concerns

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Heads up

The National Privacy Commission has suspended Grab’s selfie verification as well as it’s pilot audio-video recordings over concerns of its implementation.

In a Cease And Desist Order (CDO) to Grab Philippines, the agency states that Grab did not sufficiently identify and assess the risks posed by the data processing systems to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

It seems that Grab only assessed the risks faced by the company and not the consumer, according to the NPC’s Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

“The video recording system will also enable grab employees to monitor the situation live from the Grab Office and take photos of what is happening inside the vehicle, once the driver prompts the office through an emergency button,” the notice reads.

Grab PH has 15 days to comply with the remedial measures directed in the NPC’s Notice of Deficiencies. The lifting of the CDO, however, will be decided by the Commission on a per-system basis. As such, the order is applied separately for each of the systems and takes effect until such time that the company fully implements proper controls to address the deficiencies identified in the notice.


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