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NVIDIA’s GT 1030 Is A Great Entry-Level GPU

Perfect If You’re On A Really Tight Budget

We’re here in Bangkok, Thailand where NVIDIA has just given us a look at their newest entry-level GPU, the GT 1030, that was released back in May. The 64-bit GT 1030 features 2GB of GDDR5 vRAM, that’s capable outputting a maximun resolution of 7680×4320 at 60Hz (though you’ll probably want to stick to 1080p), which you can do through its Single Link DVI or HDMI port. It’s also has 384 NVIDIA Cuda Cores, and clocks in at 1468MHz.

Oh, and if you were wondering… No, that’s not a typo on our end. The company has dropped the X in its naming convention for this graphics card to let consumers know that this is a step up from an Integrate Graphics Card. How much of a step up? It’s a pretty big jump actually.

The NVIDIA spokesperson at the event says it’ll give you 2.5x more performance over the on-board GPU on an Intel Core i5 6400, which is the Intel HD 530, on programs like Premiere Pro CC 2017 or Photoshop CC 2017. But, you’re not here for the productivity side of things, are you? Let’s see how it does on eSports games like CS: GO and DotA 2, which is the main target of NVIDIA for this GPU.

There were a couple of rigs running on the new GT 1030, and we were seeing DotA 2 on the highest setting at 1080p running at an average of about 55 fps. They also had two rigs running CS:GO, one with the GT 1030 and the other on integrated graphics, and here’s where you’ll really see the differnce. With the GT 1030 we saw frame rates at about 125 fps, while the other rig ran at 27 fps.

We also did a bit of digging and saw a few folks running GTA V at 1080p on Medium settings at around 40 fps. We’re guessing you can play Overwatch with this GPU no problem as well, because Blizzard knows how to optimize their games well.

On hand at the Press Event, were several GPU’s from different manufacturers. You’ve already seen the one from ASUS in our photos above, but MSI, Zotac, and Gigabyte have their own versions of the entry-level graphics cards with the Zotac and Gigabyte ones taking up a single slot with the tiny shrouds that house its smaller 20mm fans.

As for the price of this entry-level GPU from NVIDIA, we’ve seen the graphics card go for about $70, or just below Php 3.5k, which isn’t all that bad if you really, really have to stick to a tight budget for your PC.

Additional Sources: NVIDIA

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