OFWs to be Exempted from Terminal Fees

Photo Courtesy of the Department of Transportation

A Gift from President Digong

With months and even years away from their friends and loved ones, Overseas Filipino Workers definitely sacrifice a lot to be able to support their families.  While Filipino migrant workers already enjoy benefits from the government, I think we can all agree that with their time away from home and the sometimes harsh working conditions they’re subjected to, they can be afforded a few more conveniences. Today, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between the Department of Transportation – Manila International Airport Authority and 40 airline companies that operate within the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, exempting OFWs from the payment of terminal fees; saving them from the long queues to get their refunds and easing their departure from our country.

Photo Courtesy of the Department of Transportation

Starting April 30, the terminal fee of Php 550 will be waived for OFWs, pilgrims, Philippine Sports Commission delegates, and others who are authorized by law and the Office of the President. The exemption will apply upon buying the ticket face-to-face at ticketing counters, but will also apply to online purchases by the end of July.

Transport Secretary, Art Tugade, shared the good news with our President, Rodrigo Duterte, who said: “Regalo ko ito sa mga OFWs pagkat mahal ko sila” (This is my gift to the OFWs because I love them). Surely, a gift that will not go unnoticed by our kababayans who are seeking work overseas to provide for the needs of their families.


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  1. A gift from Digong & Tugade? Seriously?

    Dati na namang walang terminal fee ang mga OFW. Mas ok pa nga ang dati merong nakukuhang 550 ngayon wala na.

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