Opensignal: Smart Achieves Over 80% Nationwide 4G Availability

Both Smart and Globe also experience improvements in overall download speeds

Smart dominates once again in Opensignal’s Mobile Experience Awards based on their April 2020 report. Chief among these include Smart’s improvement in overall 4G coverage. From 74.3% in Opensignal’s September 2019 report, Smart’s LTE coverage is now at 81.8%, making it the first Philippine telco to break the 80% mark. Globe’s 4G coverage also improved at 77.8% compared to 75.3% in Opensignal’s previous report.


Smart also improved in 4G download speeds at 10.6Mbps, which is 12.8% faster compared to the 9.4 Mbps download speeds Opensignal reported last September 2019. Smart’s 4G download speeds are better than Globe, which achieved 7.6Mbps based on Opensignal’s April 2020 report.

While Smart leads over Globe in other categories like video experience, games experience, and voice app experience, both telcos come head-to-head with latency experience. Opensignal’s April 2020 report states that Smart has a 59.8ms latency experience, which is less than 1ms better than Globe’s 60.7ms latency experience.

Currently, Smart has deployed additional Wifi networks in key COVID-19 healthcare facilities in Metro Manila, on top of providing free WiFi access to select hospitals and transport hubs nationwide.

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